Passion Projects

While lettering has turned into somewhat of a side hustle for me, I still name it as one of my favorite hobbies. I’m constantly lettering things purely for fun and a way to pass the time. What I create while passing my the time are passion projects. I have a number of brush pens, paints, paint brushes, markers, etc. I enjoy testing them all and finding my favorites.

The top project, mocked up in a picture frame, is all done digitally using my iPad. All type is drawn by me.

The next piece is one of my favorites. The word “pour” is lettered with Apothic Red wine. I poured it in a dish, grabbed a water brush and lettered using it. It is one of my favorite mediums to work with.

Third is a picture I took while I was traveling in London. “Explore” is what my heart was set on doing while in a place as beautiful as London.

Fourth, you can see a piece I created using nib + ink.

Lastly, I have another digital piece I did using Procreate + my iPad.

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