Whole Foods Market Entrance Chalkboard Design

One of the reasons I loved working at Whole Foods Market was because I always felt that they wanted shopping to be an experience for their customers and hoped they would feel right at home when they walked in. Being the Store Graphic Artist, I was lucky enough to be able to have a hand in enhancing this experience for a customer. The seasonal entrance chalkboard was one way I carried this out. The main entrance of Whole Foods in Marlton is always filled with product displays and carts for customers to grab, but it also had a large bare wall. My bosses and I capitalized on this space and fashioned a very large chalkboard that would welcome customers whenever they walked in.

The message and design would change with the season. I’d often incorporate my hand lettering, seasonal illustrations and Whole Foods’ branded fonts in the design, which I would then transfer to the chalkboard and illustrate with chalk marker. It promoted the time of year while also giving our customers that “homey” feel.

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