Center for Information Technology Policy Website

Since January, I have been working as a freelance graphic designer and communication specialist with the Center for Information and Technology Policy (CITP) at Princeton University. During my time with them, I helped with preparation of launching their brand-new website.

A large portion of my responsibilities included designing web graphics. I designed a graphic for the homepage, which leads a person to the Topics page. I illustrated icons and a honeycomb-like pattern to encompass key items related to technology policy and various topics CITP covers. Once on the Topic main page, a viewer will see a couple more graphics done by me, which were designed with the topic they represent in mind.

For example, I wanted to reflect the global aspect of Censorship and Filtering. To do this, I created a low-poly map of the world while also drawing on the idea of something being “censored” and pixelated out.

There was also a need on a few different pages for placeholder graphics/menu header graphics to add texture to the site. For the People pages, I needed a solution for what to do if a person didn’t have a headshot. I came up with the concept of using the person’s initials in CITP’s branded colors to serve as a placeholder. This concept saves any given People page from looking flat and solves any issue surrounding a missing headshot.

Lastly, I designed menu header graphics. The background of the menu blocks all connect to each other, but also allow the blocks to stand alone without issue. The background is subdued and allows the menu title to shine through but gives it a nice touch.

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