Princeton University’s Center for Information Technology Policy Website

I worked as a freelance graphic designer and communication specialist with the Center for Information and Technology Policy (CITP) at Princeton University. During my time with them, I helped with preparation of launching their brand-new website.

A large portion of my responsibilities included designing web graphics. I designed a graphic for the homepage, which leads a person to the Topics page. I illustrated icons and a honeycomb-like pattern to encompass key items related to technology policy and various topics CITP covers.

I also utilized CITP’s logo to come up with header imagery for the about page and customized imagery for news posts advertising open job postings.

On the “Topic” page, a viewer could see a couple more graphics done by me, which were designed with the topic they represent in mind. For example, I wanted to reflect the global aspect of Censorship and Filtering. To do this, I created a low-poly map of the world while also drawing on the idea of something being “censored” and pixelated out.


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