Princeton University’s Center for Information Technology Policy Website People Pages

During my time as a freelance graphic designer with Center for Information and Technology Policy (CITP) at Princeton University, I helped with preparation of launching their brand-new website. A large portion of my responsibilities regarding the website included designing web graphics.

A main task I was assigned was coming up with a solution for the “People” page. The page was blacking both visually appealing placeholder graphics (for people who did not have a headshot) and header graphics. I came up with the concept of using the person’s initials in CITP’s branded colors to serve as a placeholder. This concept saves any given People page from looking flat or repetitive while also solving any issue surrounding a missing headshot.

Lastly, I designed menu header graphics. The background of the menu blocks all connect to each other, but also allow the blocks to stand alone. The background adds a nice touch but still allows the menu title to shine through. This header design was then reused on other pages, promoting website cohesion.

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